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Coaching Philosophy

I have been training and helping others through their health and fitness journey for a decade. In that time, I've realized that most of the recommendations of popular trainers are based on fads, hype, vanity, and fitness industry dogma. Throughout my career I've been on a mission to uncover which types of training can give myself and my clients the best RESULTS while keeping us out of pain. 

My top priorities for my clients:

- Learn techniques that will keep them pain-free

- Gain functional muscle

- Improve biomechanics so that fat loss is easier

- Gain functional strength and skills

- Improve athletic performance

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How is this training DIFFERENT?

When you first sign up for a program, most trainers and gyms throw you right into hardcore, flashy workouts regardless of your current movement patterns, posture, injuries, health conditions, etc. More and more fitness trainers are ingraining poor posture and dysfunctional movement patterns into their clients while frying their nervous system with unnecessarily heavy loads and movements that don't respect human biology. This lack of smart progression has resulted in the fitness industry causing more harm than good to everyday people who just want to be functional and look good without hurting

With Primastrong, you're signing up for long term improvements in your health and movement. We begin with a thorough assessment of your health history, current lifestyle, posture, and movement. From there we begin the process of lifestyle and nutrition modifications while implementing soft tissue work, breath retraining, structural integration and core work which works to set the foundation for making you a competent, athletic mover with the skills to own your health for the rest of your life.

Functional Patterns

FP is a training system that respects and enhances the natural biomechanics of a human in order to help people move pain-free and improve athletic ability. It's a unique training system that prioritizes HEALTH over vanity, and human biomechanics over fitness trends.

Through years of engraining bad movement into our lives (e.g. excessive sitting, lack of walking, traditional lifting) and dealing with chronic stress patterns, most humans have lost the ability to use their body according to natural design. 

Humans have natural biomechanics that allow us to walk upright, sprint, and be the most capable throwers on the planet. If these biomechanical patterns are lost, the result is pain, loss of energy, loss of muscle, loss of performance, possible increase in body fat stores, and poor stress tolerance. 

Functional Patterns is a system that trains these essential components of human movement in order to allow you to function at your peak. A healthy human body is capable of efficiently utilizing body fat stores for energy, gaining functional muscle, adapting to and resisting both physical and mental stress, and moving athletically in all planes of motion. 

For more information on Functional Patterns, visit the official website.


Back, knee, shoulder, hip pain

Chronic Fatigue

Sleep Issues

Chronic muscle tension

Sports Performance